The project triangle you can only have two!

Pick two of the three, it really is that simple.

When it comes to almost anything,  you have a distinct choiceIf you want it quick and cheap, you will sacrifice quality. Reason is obvious; attention to detail will invariably suffer when someone is under the pump whilst trying to balance the rest of his or her workload.

Maybe you want the best quality and fast?
That is doable but in order to supply that level of service something else will need to be dropped and that’s going to cost you.

On the other hand, maybe you aren’t in a rush and you want something done really well?  In that case, the job can be slipped in during down time and cost becomes negotiable.

You see there is always a choice but never expect all three in one transaction,  that’s like hunting for unicorns!

Richard Miller – Director & Creative Strategist, Crisp Advertising

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