Blockbuster or bust ?

Who remembers heading out to their local video store to pick out a flick? I certainly do.

When I was a kid it was the highlight of the week. On a cold winter’s night in the North of England, we would head out to our local store. With aisles upon aisles of movie options, the choices would be overwhelming. Of course it usually resulted in either a huge argument between my brother and me as to which movie we would rent or Mum would be forced in to renting two, three or maybe even four in one go

Then, we would head back home and sit around the idiot box as a family about to watch Back to the Future 2 with our pizza and popcorn, when we realised that the last selfish prick to rent the movie had failed to rewind the VHS!

So, we would press rewind, wait 3 minutes, press play and away we go.

If you were really lucky, you would get through an entire movie without the tape chewing up or the picture and sound quality be so bad that it was barely worth watching. If that happened, our kid would get his way and we would be on to the next!

These days, we don’t rent videos. We watch on line. Not half as much fun but it is what it is and progress waits for no man!

Now, this once mighty purveyor of in-home entertainment is almost extinct in it’s bricks and mortar retail encarnation, but the legend lives on!

As businesses, we must evolve, be nimble and dynamic and have the right level of confidence in what we offer whilst not being too arrogant to realize that no one wants it anymore.

This is what Blockbuster Video did in the US and in 2011 they became part of DISH offering on-line movies on demand. As their website says, “…while Blockbuster stores may be a thing of the past, you can still “Make it a Blockbuster Night!”

Times have changed, the way we consume media has changed and the consumers themselves have absolutely changed.

So, stay in the game, move with the times and make sure your business can still offer a “Blockbuster Night”.

Richard Miller – Director & Creative Strategist, Crisp Advertising

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