Digital Strategy? Shouldn’t we just drop the word “Digital” ?

Nowadays, people throw around the word “digital” like it’s something to behold, something new and exciting that deserves it’s own little section in your marketing plan and budget spreadsheet, a media worthy of an individualized strategy and the silver bullet that will fix all our marketing woes.


Digital media is just another form of media and to be quite frank, what media isn’t digital? You can pretty much get everything on-line now even newspapers and magazines…

We attended a great event last night courtesy of Think TV! One of the guest speakers was Mark Ritso, fellow Englishman and all round straight talking marketing guru.

Now, he reckons that strategy should be all encompassing and decided upon first before we allocate media dollars to the various mediums.

Sound familiar?

It should because if you and I have met, that’s exactly what we sprout every single day here at Crisp Advertising and what I would have sprouted to you!

Don’t let the tail wag the dog, don’t put the cart before the horse and don’t let the media dictate the strategy. Create the idea, set the GPS to the desired destination THEN figure out how to get there and implement the strategy.

Your message and strategic direction should always come first. The creative concept and media implementation will follow.

Richard Miller – Director & Creative Strategist, Crisp Advertising

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