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Let’s talk about ads, baby!

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Is it just me, or do you also dry retch on the stench of desperation emanating from pathetic offers and cheaply made retail ads that invade our senses on a daily basis?
Problem is, we can’t escape it. They come uninvited in to our living rooms at night, our place of work by day and even when we are innocently enjoying our lunchtime sandwich in the local park. Advertising is everywhere and we are told so often that, ‘This deal can’t possibly be repeated’. We’ve become immune.

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Blockbuster or bust ?

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Who remembers heading out to their local video store to pick out a flick? I certainly do.

When I was a kid it was the highlight of the week. On a cold winter’s night in the North of England, we would head out to our local store. With aisles upon aisles of movie options, the choices would be overwhelming. Of course it usually resulted in either a huge argument between my brother and me as to which movie we would rent or Mum would be forced in to renting two, three or maybe even four in one go Read More

Creative cut through

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Working in the advertising industry for over 13 years has taught me many things. It’s a vocation that I’m passionate about and I really do believe passion is the key to any kind of sustained success.

If you don’t love it, don’t do it – that’s what I say.

So, what do I have to add to the plethora of advertising blogs that are clogging up the www? Well, hopefully I will give some entertaining and occasionally inspirational insights that are real and relevant, down to earth and engaging, educational and informative… and that sentence right there is about as fluffy as I will get! Read More