Becchara Palmer, Olympian and AFLW Recruit endorsement campaign


In what we are calling a ‘maturing’ of the brand, we enlisted Becchara Palmer as Ambassador of Essential Beauty.

Promoting trust is a massive priority for Essential Beauty as the services they provide could be considered quite daunting. Let’s face it, who doesn’t automatically go in to their best impression of Dr. Evil by placing their pinky finger on their bottom lip when the word ‘laser’ is mentioned!

We wanted to ensure the target market could identify with an Ambassador that emulates success, determination and is grounded enough that she could be any one of us out there.

As an Olympian and representative of Australia, Becchara fits the bill perfectly.

Social Media Campaigns


Once upon a time Essential Beauty was running almost 70 individual Facebook pages; one per store. Not only was this ineffective but extremely difficult to manage. The brand itself was suffering and consistency was lacking.

So, we created state pages and lifted the execution of the creative. This resulted in a massive increase in all major areas from likes to engagement.

Tame The Wild Campaign Statistics

Total Reach
Post Clicks
Link Clicks

Electronic Mail Campaigns


Essential Beauty has worked hard to build a significant database so it would be remiss of us not to use it. Therefore, rather than promoting discounts and offers in our above the line advertising, we use this platform to market ‘Exclusive Offers’ to our subscribers each month.

Our recent Mother’s Day campaign saw a 70% up lift in gift card sales based on the same period last year.

Packaging Design


What fun! When Essential Beauty asked us to get involved in designing new packaging and imagery for their TONIC range we of course said YES!

This was an awesome project and we are extremely proud of the outcome. From initial design to print management, Crisp Advertising saw the full project through from start to finish.

Mary Huff – the TV ad that got the world talking!

Edgy, bold and controversial… just some of the word used to describe this campaign.

What do you do when the client just wants to tell people that they ‘wax fannys’!

Almost 7 years on and this TV ad is still the topic of many a dinner party conversation. The use of spoonerism in this creative allowed us to cheekily get a message across and get the ad through Free TV!

From Sunrise to the New York Times, this ad generated an unexpected PR exercise as well as a number of complaints. But, as they say, no publicity is bad publicity and the result for Essential Beauty was more franchises sold – win!